Center for the Study of Microbial Ecology and Emerging Diseases

As part of a competitive, internal, institutional investment strategy we were awarded funding to create the Center for the Study of Microbial Ecology and Emerging Diseases.

We live in an era of increasing appreciation of the relationship between human health and changes in microbial populations. Microbial ecology is the relationship of microorganisms to each other and their environment; this is often understood in the context of human health as relating to the microbiome and its impact on development, health, and chronic disease. That understanding is certainly correct. However, microbial ecology also refers to the changes in microbial populations induced by pressures in our broader environment, including the hospital. Those pressures can result in emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, some with epidemic potential. There is increasing national interest and investment into the study of these comprehensive aspects of microbial ecology and the evaluation of tools to deal with its impact on human health.

Artistic rendering of a scientist with a net capturing microbes in the sky.

Credit: Antoine Doré, Nature 29 January 2020


We encourage collaboration with intramural researchers. Please reach out to us if you are interested in collaborating!